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Transcaster Radio is a bi-weekly podcast about trans life and all the things that go along with it. Your host Kayden Taylor will bring you something new each episode.

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Learn about the trans community and be an ally

Welcome to Transcaster Radio, a KJST Media podcast discussing trans life and everything that goes along with it. Founded and started by host Kayden Taylor in the United States, the platform aims to bring and share correct information about the trans community and provide a safe space to those in need of one.

Transcaster Radio is a place where everyone can feel safe and true to who they are, especially the ones who have been cut off by their loved ones. Our goal is to make the world a better place by letting people understand the experiences of trans identities and helping them become allies in the process. 

Despite the outright discrimination and oppression against the trans community in the United States, we are here to fight this battle with you. We will be on your side on days you don’t feel like you’re going to make it. Here at Trancaster Radio, we hope that you find the love, encouragement, authenticity and acceptance you’ve always deserved. 


To learn more about Trancaster Radio, check out the episodes released on the platform:

Suicide and Suicide Prevention

In this episode, Sophie Marie White talks about her transition. She is married with three kids, a native of South Louisiana and works as a filmmaker, EMT and race car driver, to name a few. She eventually began her acting career where she was cast in several films such as We All Think We Are Special, Hummingbird and Tell Me Your Secrets, among others. 

In the movie Hummingbird, Sophie Marie confronts her struggles as a transgender female with her family as they make their way through the complicated transition process. It focuses on how trans people in the United States often face suicidal ideations in the process of transitioning. 

The movie defies the idea that the struggles of a trans person will be over if they just ask for help. According to Sophie, ‘The first attempt can be a cry for help. The second is a true attempt.’

Queer Kid Stuff

This episode discusses the things you have to teach your children about the LGBTQIA++ community. With Lindz Amer, you will learn about social justice topics through interviews with kids and youth activists. This can be extremely helpful for parents who want to join a community where they can understand the struggles and experiences of their LGBTQIA++ children and give them the acceptance they deserve.

The episode also talks about the following:

  • Activist You! Podcast
  • Dealing with hate
  • Creating content for you
  • Social Justice Course.

Transcaster Radio also has lots of interesting and knowledgeable guests to help you learn about the trans community better! Check them out below:

  • Amanda Jette Knox and Zoe Knox
  • Adrian Shanker
  • Dr Lindsey Elmore
  • Heather Vickery
  • Mikaela Alexandria
  • Nick North
  • Vanessa Nichols
  • Vic Self
  • Soraya Zaman
  • Nikk Selik