Pride Series – Elten Friday


Love and community is what pride is all about. The LGBTQ+ community every year comes together to celebrate our love for the community we are a part of. We come together with open arms and acceptance regardless of who you are. We march together in the parades across the world to be visible and proud of each other. Proud of where we have come from and where we are going. Love is never ending in the LGBTQ+ community and let’s make sure we continue to show the world that we love unconditionally. 

Meet Elten Friday (they/them)

Elten Friday, is a non-binary and openly gay adult living near Chicago Illinois. They use They/Them pronouns. Elten works as a social worker in the foster care system and has a passion for LGBTQIA+ issues. They are leading change with LGBTQIA+ training and practices in their company along with other passionate people. They are pursuing a master’s degree in social work and counseling so that they can better help LGBTQIA+ youth. It is their mission in life to help others. 

Podcast Episode

In this episode, we talk about:

–       Being visible

–       Love and community

–       Fighting for our rights


“It’s a time when we can be visible and be out in public and see people like us.” – Elten Friday

“Pride is about love and community.” – Elten Friday

“We have a lot more fighting to do, we don’t have all the rights yet.” – Elten Friday

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