Pride Series – Liam LaFleur


Trans Pride is something that I think all trans people have us, even when some of us have or still deal with internal transphobia. When I first realized, I was trans I had a lot of internal transphobia and honestly it still flares its evil head sometimes. Despite that I am proud to be trans and I wouldn’t choose not to be if I had a magic wand to be cis. Being trans and the journey I have been on, has made me who I am and bettered my life overall. No matter what be proud of who you we, who you are now and who you are becoming. 

Meet Liam LaFleur (he/him/his)

Liam (Lobotomy) LaFleur is a 38-year-old and who lives in the Chicago land area of Chicago Illinois. He started his medical transition in march 2012 and has gone in and out of visibility throughout it. Liam is originally from South Florida and has traveled a bit living in New York City, Jersey City, Georgia, and rural central Florida. He is happily married to his wife Tam for just over a year. He is a proud (most of the time) Cat Dad to 3 balls of fluffy terror. He co-hosts a true crime based pod cast with his wife called Die It Black. Liam is an artist that works with a variety of mediums, though he tends to learn towards Gothic horror based portraits. He is also a musician, loves to sing, play guitar, and bass. Liam is a part of the 3 piece all trans pop punk band Size of Sadness. He also plays bass guitar for an upcoming Alt-Country group Casey and the pickups. He is also a writer and has been putting together a collection of poetry.

Podcast Episode

In this episode, we talk about:

–       Pride visibility 

–       Pride History

–       Geographical Differences in Pride

–       Trans Pride


“Pride means to me being able to take less favorable events not just in our past but our communities to keep it as a reminder why we are so visible.” – Liam LaFleur

“It gave me a place to find people and the support group I eventually went to.” – Liam LaFleur

“I don’t walk around with it as a label but if someone were to ask me or the discussion were to come up I would have no problem talking about it.” – Liam LaFleur

“I felt the climate change when he was getting elected.” – Liam LaFleur

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