Pride Series – Marc Renaud


Do you remember your first pride event? I remember mine distinctively and how I felt in that moment I stepped down the street of the pride festival. It was like I was looking at my family, the family I had longed for, for so long. Despite knowing other queer people existed I always felt alone until I was at my first pride event. In that moment, I realized there were so many of us out there and so many of us fighting the hard fight. Pride events are meant to bring community together and for many it’s the only time of the year that they get to be a part of that community. Despite many places around the world not being able to have those events this year we continue to celebrate and have different kinds of events. Get ready because all the pride events to come are waiting for you to lift your head up and find the community you have been longing for. 

Meet Marc Renaud (he/him/his)

Marc Renaud is a 37-year-old, married transman from Michigan, born and raised. Marc is a advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and founder and co-host of Trans A.M. Podcast. Marc co-hosts the podcast with his wife, Ashley in which they discuss transitioning, marriage, work, family, coming out, life, LGBTQ issues and many other topics. By day, Marc is a Team Lead and Legal Assistant at a Real Estate Law Firm who specializes in helping people keep and stay in their homes. After spending nearly, a decade working in Real Estate Law, Marc knows the ins and outs of Real Estate Law in 8 jurisdictions. Marc is major animal lover and loves being a father to their dog, Ty, their cat, Theo and their turtle, Squirtle! Marc also is an avid music lover, 420 lover and lover of all humans.

Podcast Episode

In this episode, we talk about:

–       Being a part of the LGBTQ community

–       First pride experiences

–       Normalcy?? What’s that?


“The first pride experience for me was life changing.” – Marc Renaud

“Pride is love, human connection and speaking.” – Marc Renaud

“We just want to live our normal lives.” – Marc Renaud

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