Pride Series – Riley Gold


What does it meant to have Pride to you? We all answer this in our own different way. This answer can change over your life span or simply change from a big or small life event. The feeling of Pride can be overwhelming or even underwhelming depending on where you are in the journey we call life. Remember what pride means to you isn’t and shouldn’t be the same as someone else’s. Embrace your journey and the pride you have in yourself because at the end of the day and at the end of your life the only person you truly have to answer to is yourself. 

Meet Riley Gold (he/him/his)

Riley Beau Gold is a transgender man, born in the UK and recently immigrated to the US to be with his American wife. Riley is a human empowerment engineer and coach with a neuroscience background and over 8 years of coaching experience working with an eclectic mix of amazing humans.

The creator and founder of Fearless Humans, Riley utilizes and embraces both brain science and spiritual methods and practices to create programs and experiences and to coach, mentor and teach. His own experience and journey as a transgender man has given him deeper insight and understanding into the very human journey to come all the way out about who we are and to embrace and shine our unique light in the world.

He believes that the greatest freedom you will ever have in life is the freedom to be who you are and that your power lies in the remembering, defining and tapping into it. Everything he creates is designed to support his mission and message to empower and support beautiful humans to show up as all that they are and to give the world all that they’ve got.

Podcast Episode

In this episode, we talk about:

–       What is means to feel pride

–       Feeling connected

–       Pride in the UK vs USA


“When I start to think about pride the opposite of pride is being shamed.” – Riley Gold

“Pride is being a joy in your being.” – Riley Gold

“Pride is kind of like coming all the way out, not just coming out of the closet but literally being all the way as who you are.” – Riley Gold

“We need to be around be we feel connected to.” Riley Gold

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