Transcaster Radio: A guide on coming out as LGBTQIA++

One of the most beautiful things that will ever happen in your life is to have your orientation figured out. It’s a deeply personal process that allows you to know so much about yourself, how you act and how you see yourself with your own eyes. However, the idea of coming out isn’t exactly familiar to you. 

You might have felt relief that you can now have the freedom to show your true self. But you’re also worried about how things may change when you make the revelation. How would your loved ones react? Will they share the news with someone without your permission?

Coming out is wonderful yet it can feel terrifying the first time you do it. Here are some tips that may help you in the process:

You don’t have to tell everyone at once

There’s a misconception that you should tell all the people in your life once you decide to come out. Others may even think of organising a party and gathering everyone to reveal the news once and for all. However, this is not entirely necessary.

If you go with this option, things may get incredibly overwhelming for you. You can go easy with the whole thing and just come out to your friends and family. When you’re more comfortable with coming out, then you can go out of your bubble! Remember to take your time and be patient with yourself.

Let go of expectations

Have you ever watched a movie from the United States where the main character comes out and her loved ones and gives them the kind of acceptance you’ve always wanted? If yes, then it doesn’t always happen in real life. People you may come out to may not react the same way. In worst-case scenarios, they might tell you that it’s just a phase and you’re going to grow out of it. 

After you come out, you’ll find that some relationships may take time to get them back to the way they were. Even the most supportive people in your life may need more time to process the news. However, you have to stay firm. This part of coming out may be the hardest, so be easy on yourself but stay true to who you are.

Whatever their reactions are, keep in mind that you are valid. You deserve to be here.

Be careful when coming out

Unfortunately, not every coming-out story in the United States has a good ending. Some people often hold off on revealing the news because they got kicked out for good and lost their relationships all at the same time. This is why you should consider if you’re going to be safe if you decide to come out.

For example, if your parents have expressed outright transphobic/homophobic opinions, then don’t come out yet. Wait until you’re not living under the roof so your well-being won’t be at risk.

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