Dec. 31, 2019

Donuts and Dandelions

Donuts and Dandelions

Join me this week as I talk to Jennifer Eberhardt Smith about her new book Donuts and Dandelions a self help book. We explore self-help in transition and more. You don't want to miss this episode.


Self-help books are becoming more popular as individuals are looking to solve their personal problems to achieve greater success. And the fact that we are getting older and running into mid-life crises more often. It takes a lot of introspection to sort problems out, and sometimes a little guidance and insight are needed.


Meet Jennifer Eberhardt Smith (she/her/hers)


Author of Donuts and Dandelions, Jennifer narrows down self-help books to the most basic principles to live by. After being blind-sighted by divorce, co-parenting three kids, and turning 40, Jennifer realized the importance of navigating her life in a way that brought joy to her. Currently, she is focused on bigger creative projects that investigate how technology interacts with communication in our media world.


Podcast Episode

In this episode we talk about:

-        Joy and its difference between happiness

-        Creating a learning mindset 

-        Generational differences of consumption in news

-        Pros and cons of internet accessibility

-        The ideas behind Donuts and Dandelions



“If you’re in the community, you never stop coming out.” – Jennifer Smith


“If you don’t find a way to bring joy into your life through all of those tough moments, you’re never going to be fulfilled.” – Jennifer Smith


“You don’t see people sitting on a park bench with a book as much anymore.” – Jennifer Smith


“It’s not how much you know, it’s knowing where to find the information.” – Jennifer Smith


“Sit down, and do the work of finding out what you really want.” – Jennifer Smith



Donuts and Dandelions


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