Aug. 11, 2020

FTM Traveler

FTM Traveler

Being a part of the Queer community has always been something I have cherished. Malcolm is bringing the amazing community together and has been for the last 5 years. He not only gets to bring the community together but through this he gets to meet some amazing people and travel the world. What’s better than that? As a member of a marginalized community I know how important community is to us and how many of us have found our chosen family from that community. The queer community is a loving, caring, thoughtful and authentic communities I have ever been in. The queer community will rise up like we always do.
Meet Malcolm Ribot (he/him/his)
Malcolm Ribot is, a trans man who is a community builder, avid hiker, graphic designer, artist, constant wanderer, wiggler, and man of trans experience. He was born in Maryland and grew up in PA, Germany, UT, IN, and IL – where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. After working at a travel goods company for 5 years as their packaging designer, he left for life on the road and found his true purpose and calling as the FTM Traveler.

In June, 2015, he began traveling with his trusty copilot Catahoula pup, Grayson, connecting fellow men of trans experience with one another – helping folks like him see that they are not alone, and that there are other folks like them often even nearby. He’s done so in 49/50 states, Vancouver, Brighton, and Berlin thus far – with much more to come. He now also volunteers, works with, and partners with his favorite non-profit The Venture Out Project bringing together queer folks in the outdoors - combining 2 of his great passions into 1!

His trans experience, and his efforts have been featured by/in: NBC OUT, Buzzfeed, Transform Washington, and much more. 
Podcast Episode
In this episode, we talk about:
-       Bringing the Queer Community together
-       Traveling the world
-       Funding a project
-       Bottom surgery
“I was the first trans guy he met.” – Malcolm Ribot
“People were connecting in from of my eyes, that is my favorite moment at each meetup.” – Malcolm Ribot
“I’m excited to be totally healed and recovered from it all.” – Malcolm Ribot
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