Nov. 19, 2019



Join me this week as Kayla and I tackle the differences between being a trans man and a trans woman. We talk about HRT, Surgeries, acceptance, and more. You don't want to miss this episode.


Female to male (FTM) and male to female (MTF) are common terms used for those that are assigned a specific gender at birth but later discover their true gender identity. There are many differences that comes with FTM and MTF, from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to gender affirming surgeries. 


Meet Kayla (she/her/hers)


A retired combat veteran and returning guest from episode 8. Kayla started her transition journey in her early 30s, but began to realize her true identity at the age of 14. Kayla is brought on for this episode to talk about her experiences as a trans woman, and how they differ from trans men. 


Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode we talk about the following:

-        Differences between FTM and MTF

-        Differences in HRT and their side effects for transmen and transwomen

-        The pros and cons of passing

-        Finding acceptance for being trans from family, friends, and society



“Having your brain running on hormone levels its not wired for, is like trying to run a gas enegine on diesel.” – Kayla 


“I apparently pass at least a part of the time given I was able to unwittingly confuse an ER nurse…” –Kayla 


“Trans rights happens when we push to be accepted.” –Kayla 


“I had to go to some new doctors, and that is one area of my life, of being trans, that I hate.” –Kayden Taylor


“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance.” –Hanlon’s Razor


“Progress marches on but the struggle continues.” –Kayla  


Recommended Resources

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