Dec. 10, 2019

Gender Cool Project

Gender Cool Project

Join me this week as Gearah from The Gender Cool Project and I dive into how the project started, where the project is going and how its helping our trans youth.


In 2007, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey that gathered data on the mental health of LGBTQ students called Youth Risk Behavior Survey. This data showed that transgender youth reported significantly higher rates in depression, victimization, and suicidality compared to their cisgender peers. With more visibility in the transgender community, families are looking towards finding the right resources for their transgender children to better support them. Schools and companies alike are also brining gender inclusiveness to the forefront.  


Meet Gearah Goldstein (she/her/hers)


An inclusion and diversity consultant in Chicago and co-founders of GenderCool Project. Gearah transitioned about six years ago and quickly began to focus on transgender advocacy. She started attending the local school board meeting to discuss transgender and inclusivity policy in school. Realizing the importance of empowering the youth, she co-founded the GenderCool Project that focuses on sharing positive stories of transgender youth and their successes.


Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk about the following:

-        Transgender youths

-        GenderCool Project

-        The divided LGB and T community

-        Gender conversations and identity



“Who we are, not what we are.” –GenderCool Project


“How do you know who you were? And I say to people, you know, well, how do you know who you are?” –Gearah Goldstein


“We didn’t really know who we are…but it is easier to know who we aren’t.” –Gearah Goldstein


“If your [transgender] child has come out to you, you have done so many things right.” –Gearah Goldstein


“To both the parents and to young transgender people everywhere…my greatest hope is that you never feel alone.” –Gearah Goldstein



GenderCool Project


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