Feb. 10, 2020

Orlando LGBT+ Center

Orlando LGBT+ Center

This week we chat with George Wallace the Executive Director with the Orlando LGBT+ Center.


There has been a lot of talk about safe space and whether they are necessary for society. But these spaces have been embraced at Orlando’s LGBT+ Center since November 17th, 1978. Originally a gay men’s crisis hotline, the service started planning picnics and outings for gay men to have a safe space to be around others like them. Today, young teens and kids utilize these environments to meet other peers that are going through the same exploration as them. And centers like Orlando’s LGBT+ Center recognize that.


Meet George Wallace (he/him/his)


Executive director of the Orlando LGBT+ Center. George previously served on the board of directors from 2014-2016 and worked in the nonprofit sector for 25 years. After venturing into the Midwest, George found solace back in Orlando, Florida, where he continues to provide and listen to his diverse community and how to grow with them.


Podcast Episode

In this episode we talk about:

-        The service and resources at The Center in Orlando

-        Isolation within the LGBTQ+ senior population

-        How Pulse affected the LGBTQ+ community

-        Youth homelessness  

-        The challenges of being an executive director/CEO



“People go back into the closet when they move into retirement housing.” – George Wallace


“We are celebrating 50 years of equality and I use that word very loosely because we certainly don’t have full equality even now in 2019.” – George Wallace 


“Love is going to win; it’s going to overcome hate.” – George Wallace  



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