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A great resource!

Representation and education are so important! I’m glad I found a podcast like this from within my community!

Great show

This is a great show especially for the trans community. It also helps people outside of the community learn more about how they can become allies. Keep it up Kayden!

More than just a podcast

Amazing guest speakers and great content about what is happening in the trans community and issues that surrounds it. A much needed platform for a community that’s often silenced from society. It’s more than just a podcast, it’s a community being built through conversations and resilience. Definite…

Mental Health effects Many

I just Finished Kaydens lastest episode. Thank you so much for being so open about mental health. It shows that we (everyone) are not alone in our struggles. Give it a listen and if you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, please reach out and get help. You Are Not Alone....


I have found it very interesting hearing from a range of guests. From Pastor Amy, Ryan Cassata, Kayla, just everyone! I cannot wait to tune into more interviews to get snippets of their side and stories. I also found episode 7 about the stonewall riots very informational and sparked interest to lea…

Exciting topic

I am so looking forward to seeing this podcast channel take off. I’m really interested in educating myself about the LGBTQ community. #Ally