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July 14, 2020

Title VII Update with Mason Dunn

Title VII Update with Mason Dunn

We were VICTORIOUS!!! We conquered Title VII despite the hardships we were facing. Tune in this week to get an update from Mason Dunn on what this victory means for the LGBTQ community and where do we go from here.

We were VICTORIOUS!!! We conquered Title VII despite the hardships we were facing, but we still have fights to win. Despite this wonderful victory there were things in the pipeline for the Supreme Court that either they chose not to weigh in on or voted not in our favor. We need to keep these things in mind when we do win a victory. Remember we are fighting a war and we will win some battles and lose some battles, but we have to keep our eye on winning the big prize. We have been fighting to pass the Equality Act for 30 years now. So please make sure you go out and vote in November. We need to win the rights for all.  
Meet Mason Dunn (he/they)
Mason Dunn (he/him or they/them) is the State and Local Policy Manager for GLSEN. They are the former Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), and has worked in the national movement for transgender rights for over 15 years. During their time at MTPC, Mason successfully advocated for the advancement of non-binary gender markers on Massachusetts state ID's, participated in coalition to address restrictions in healthcare and gender marker changes on Massachusetts birth certificates, and worked to build the coalition which passed state-wide nondiscrimination protections in public accommodations for transgender and non-binary people. In 2018, Mason co-chaired the historic 2018 Yes on 3 campaign, which successfully defended the Massachusetts' trans-inclusive public accommodation nondiscrimination law, in the nation's first ever state-wide vote on transgender rights.

Beyond their full-time work, Mason teaches at UNH in Manchester in the Communication's Department, is a board member with The Equality Federation, and serves on the state Commission on LGBTQ Youth. Mason is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association, and a 2012 graduate of the University of New Hampshire School of Law with the Daniel Webster Honor's Scholar Program.
Podcast Episode
In this episode, we talk about:
-       Title 7 Update
-       Title 9
-       Trans Healthcare setbacks
-       Equality Act
“It’s still the early days, we still have lawyers at the federal level saying I don’t know what this means.” – Mason Dunn
“Largely religious employers for whom religion is an existential part of the job function are exempt from these types of non-discrimination protections.” – Mason Dunn
“Gorsuch argument was that Title Vii discrimination covers gender identity and sexual orientation.” – Mason Dunn
“What’s next is passing the Equality Act.” – Mason Dunn
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
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