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Dec. 17, 2019

Transitioning Over 40

Transitioning Over 40

Have you ever wondered what it was like to transition after 40 well this week I sit down with Nick Garver to talk about this exact topic. We explore the differences between when I started my transition at 30 and being well over 40 when he started his transition. If you have always wanted to know what its like or maybe you are thinking of transitioning at this age you don't want to miss this episode.


It is never too late—the theme of this week’s episode. As society becomes more accepting of the transgender community, more individuals can come out at a younger age. Unfortunately, some individuals did not have that opportunity growing up in a time where being transgender was not accepted. 


Meet Nick Garver (he/him/his)


A native of Northwest Ohio and currently living in Southwest Florida. At the age of 48, Nick started transitioning, December 2016. In the late 90s, he knew that something was not right with his identity, but it was not until his late 30s that he started to understand the terminology for who he was.


Podcast Episode

In this episode, we talk about the following:

-       Coming out at different ages in life

-       Dynamics of family and friends during transitioning

-       Differences between the young and older transgender generations

-       Gaining male privilege 



“What I am and who I am to that stranger isn’t such a big deal.” – Nick Garver


“You’re not the only one who transitions…It’s a transition for every other person in your life too.” – Nick Garver


“You really don’t get it until… you get that privilege.” – Nick Garver


“Don’t lock yourself up of the opportunity to finally live.” – Nick Garve