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Feb. 25, 2020

Transitioning with Essential Oils

Transitioning with Essential Oils

Have you thought about using essential oils in your transition or wanted to know more about them. Listen to this episode as Dr. Lindsey Elmore and I tackle essential oils and supplements.


If you do not have an aroma diffuser or essential oils at home, then you are not cool. But fear not because this episode will catch you up on what you need to know to be cool! Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, and have a wide variety of uses from aromatherapy to ingestion. However, with the growing popularity of essential oils and the lack of scientific research behind them, it is hard to figure out what may be a myth or fact.  


Meet Dr. Lindsey Elmore (she/her/hers)


A chemist, pharmacist, and natural wellness and essential oils expert. Dr. Elmore is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. Starting in traditional western medicine, she became exposed to other interpretations of medicine after an injury. Realizing that there are other medical modalities outside of allopathic medicine, she decided to combine her science-driven background to help back up her interest in essential oils. Dr. Elmore is now an advocate in natural wellness and has written a book to help others demystify the use of essential oils.


Podcast Episode

In this episode we talk about:

-        Finding a medium between western medicine and natural medicine

-        Using research to better understand essential oils

-        How essential oils can help during transition

-        Your “monkey mind” on meditation

-        How to use essential oils



“If we don’t address our emotional needs our physical needs could really never be met.” – Dr. Elmore


“[Essential oils] can be very helpful to embody those super masculine aromas or super feminine aromas as a way to bring out your own inner confidence.” – Dr. Elmore 


“Being a pharmacist did not make me skeptical about the oils, it made me skeptical about what people say about the oils.” – Dr. Elmore


“The whole practice of yoga is not the movement, the practice of yoga is the control of the breath through pain and challenges.” – Dr. Elmore


“Everything is about your entire lifestyle.” – Dr. Elmore



Dr. Lindsey Elmore


Essentials: 75 Answers To Common Questions About Essential Oils and Supplements