Oct. 22, 2019

Tuesday Chat with Heather Vickery

Tuesday Chat with Heather Vickery

This weeks Tuesday Chat Kayden talks to Heather Vickery about being a success coach and how it can help the LGBTQ Community.



When personal hardships take over, it is difficult to find success and get your life back on track. A success coach can help you with that. Success coaches help individuals understand the challenges that inhibit their goals in life so they can create change and work through them; a profession Heather Vickery found when she encountered her adversity.


Meet Heather Vickery (she/her/hers)


A business owner and entrepreneur for 24 years, Heather is currently a success coach for life and business and is the host of the podcast, The Brave Files. After getting a divorce and coming out as a lesbian, Heather found the importance of having a success coach and decided to pursue the profession for the past five years.


In this episode, Heather talks about how success looks different for each individual and how to dig deeper within ourselves to find what success means to us. She discusses the overlap of personal and business life and how her coaching can affect change in both. Finally, Heather talks about using her podcast as a platform for individuals to share their moments of fear and bravery while making an impact on the listeners.


For more information about Heather Vickery and her blog posts, visit www.vickeryandco.com or email her at heather@vickeryandco.com. Be sure to follow her @vickeryandco on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!