March 17, 2020

What is Non-Binary?

What is Non-Binary?

This week I talk to Ruth Carter a Non-Binary individual from Phoenix Arizona. We talk about being Non-Binary in such a binary world and the ins and outs that go along with it. Join us as we journey through what Non-Binary is.


We recently learned about gender non-conforming… now what is non-binary? Similarly, non-binary individuals do not conform to either binary genders (male or female). On the other hand, gender non-conforming individuals may still identify as a particular gender but chooses not to follow gender norms. Want to know more? Take a listen at this episode.


Meet Ruth Carter (they/them/theirs)


A lawyer, author, and speaker that identifies as non-binary and living in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently 40 years young, they discovered the terminology 3-4 years ago but felt like a completely different species from girls and boys since elementary school. Embracing their identity and newfound pronouns, they are now navigating the world as a non-binary individual advocating for non-binary rights.


Podcast Episode

In this episode we talk about:

-        Living in a binary centric society 

-        Changing birth certificate and personal identification  

-        Current challenges non-binary individuals face

-        Dating as a non-binary



“I don’t think clothes should be gendered.” – Kayden Taylor


“Everybody has baggage, but make sure the person you’re dating baggage fits in the overhead compartment.” – Ruth Carter


“I’m non-binary and fabulous. I’m genetically fabulous–let’s go. And if you have an issue with me, that’s your issue.” – Ruth Carter


“When you live in a world where they don’t even have your bathroom, that tells me that I live in a society that doesn’t even acknowledge that I exist.” – Ruth Carter



Dana Zzyym


Ruth Carter


The Undeniable Ruth